The Enduring Popularity of the Versatile Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas

For decades now, Dodge pickup trucks have been some of the most popular vehicles of all in the state of Texas. While Ford and Chevrolet have their fans in the Lone Star State, Dodge’s especially burly vehicles have long had a particular resonance with buyers there. That is true from the smallest Ram to the largest 3500 model, but the popularity of the Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas is probably the clearest sign of all as to how much buyers appreciate the mark and its products.

With a three-quarter-ton bed capacity, the 2500 version of the Ram turns out to be the best match for a wide range of uses. It is heavily relied upon by construction specialists and other contractors, offering enough hauling capacity to get tools, materials, and workers to job sites without fail. It is also popular with families of an especially outdoors-oriented sort, as it is still nimble to handle rough ranch roads while also holding up admirably to the toughest of abuse.

Another reason for the enduring popularity of the Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas is just how versatile it is. Dodge produces the 2500 model of the ram in a range of cab and bed configurations, making it easy for buyers to pick out the truck that will best suit their needs. Even with the many choices the manufacturer itself offers, owners can also arrange for specialized companies to further customize the Ram after they take possession.

One of the most common projects involving the Dodge Ram 2500 in Texas, for instance is the lengthening of the truck’s bed. This is a particularly popular ambition when the crew-cab version of the Ram that Dodge calls the “Quad Cabin” is selected because that option will shorten the stretch of the standard pickup bed.

Through careful cutting and welding, though, companies like Precision Bodyline can restore every bit of bed lost to the lengthened cab, even going beyond that point if their clients request it. Options like this are another reason that 2500 remains so popular in Texas today and residents so greatly respect what Dodge develops and offers.

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