Cat Rescue With Crane Services in Kona Hawaii

Even if your cat is an indoor cat, escapes happen and your cat could wind up stuck at the top of a tree. When cats are frightened, they tend to try and get above the danger like an aggressive dog. However, once cats are up a tree they cannot seem to figure out how to get back down again. You need to act before the weather or exposure harms your cats. Here are tips from Mother Earth Father Time Tree Service LLC on getting cats down to earth.

Don’t Call the Fire Department

Despite popular misconceptions, fire departments refuse to get cats down from trees. If you need to call someone, make it your veterinarian or Crane Services in Kona Hawaii. Some tree surgeons will either rent you a crane or do the job for a fee. It never hurts to ask.

Using a Ladder and Bag

If you can climb the tree, do so. Wear work gloves because your cat will be frightened. Expect to get scratched. If you cannot climb the tree, see if it is small enough for a ladder to be propped against the trunk. It’s best to have someone steady the ladder as you climb. Take a thick cloth bag or burlap sack and place the cat in the sack for the trip down. A heavy tote bag also will do in a pinch.

A Note About Utility Poles

Some cats manage to get stuck on top of utility poles, especially if they are near trees. The cat may leap from the tree to the pole when you attempt a rescue. Should this happen, do not try to get the cat down yourself, even if you are using rental Crane Services in Kona Hawaii. You and your cat are in too great a danger of getting electrocuted. Contact the utility company and let them get your cat.

Will The Cat Come Down On Its Own?

Unless the cat has sometime in its past climbed down a tree, the cat will not know how to climb down and will just sit and wait. After a couple of days, the cat will then be too weak to climb anywhere. Cats often die if left in trees. Don’t wait. Call for help.

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