What To Know When Hiring A High Angle Rescue Crew

When it comes to completing a project at any worksite involving heights, be it a silo, a mill, windfarm, or skyscraper, it’s important to keep in mind the safety of each and every one of your workers. This includes considering the possibility that something may go wrong, and there may be a need for high angle rescue. This type of rescue service involves removing injured employees from dangerous situations, in a way that keeps them stable and safe, so they can receive medical care. Hiring a team to be on hand in the event an accident were to occur is the best way to ensure optimal safety. Here’s what to know when hiring a high angle rescue crew.

A Safety Audit May Be Required

While we all hope for the best, accidents do occur. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure that a minor accident doesn’t become a major one. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to reach out to a high angle rescue team ahead of time, and have them on standby in the event an accident happens. They may need to come on site before hand and ask you and your team questions about the task you are undertaking. This helps them to have the right equipment and crew members on hand, and can ensure they know the potential hazards they may be up against if retrieval of an injured employee is needed.

Choose An Established Company

Most companies will need to contract out these types of services, in order to guarantee that the best individuals are on hand if a rescue is needed. When looking at safety organizations, be sure to choose one with an established reputation in your community. This helps to ensure that the individuals who will be conducting the rescue know your area, and have the experience and expertise needed to complete the rescue in compliance with the highest safety standards.

For more information about hiring a high angle rescue crew, visit Code Red Safety.
If you have any questions that require immediate attention, please contact website.

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