Questions Answered About Tree Cutting Services In Bronx, NY For Dangerous Trees

Individuals often plant trees close to their house because of the shade they provide. In addition to relaxing underneath a shade tree on a hot summer day, the leaves on a tree also provide shade for the house, and this makes it cooler inside. When trees that are growing close to the house become dangerous, it’s time to contact professional tree cutting services in Bronx NY. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about cutting down hazardous trees.

How can trees become dangerous when they’re growing next to the house?

Trees that are in close proximity to a house can fall on the structure if they’re hit by lightning or damaged by high winds. If branches on the tree are unhealthy and die, they can also fall on the house and cause damage to the roof. If a limb falls straight down with enough force, it can penetrate the roofing materials and cause a hole in the roof. If a tree becomes damaged, homeowners should have it cut down by professionals before it falls.

What are some other reasons why homeowners should cut down a tree in their yard?

Some trees can grow very tall, and the tops of the trees will touch the power lines. If a limb falls on the power line, it can break the line and cause a power outage. Homeowners should regularly monitor the growth of any trees growing close to electrical lines. If they’re getting close to touching the line, individuals should contact a professional service to trim the branches or cut down the entire tree. Individuals who don’t have any experience cutting trees should never attempt cutting one that is near a power line. This is a very dangerous practice, and it can cause electrocution or a fatal accident. To be safe, homeowners can contact affordable tree cutting services in Bronx NY so professionals can cut down the tree.

Individuals who have unsafe trees in their yards should contact Arnoldo’s Tree Service so they can safely cut them down. Visit their website at to learn additional information about their services and to contact the company for a free tree cutting estimate.

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