Afraid of the Vet? How to Ease Your Dog’s Fears

If you have a dog that is afraid of the vet, you should make sure that you first, try to understand the reason, and then, take steps to ease his or her fears.

Common Reasons for Fear of the Vet

There are a number of reasons a dog might be afraid of a vet in Bucktown. First, the dog might not have had a positive interaction with the vet. Alternatively, the vet might be afraid of the dog. Since a dog can sense fear, they will know that the vet doesn’t like them, and thus, will show behaviors that are inappropriate, such as biting. You also might find that your dog doesn’t feel safe or comfortable with a particular vet. Finally, the dog might have had a traumatic experience at the vet’s office, thus, they will fear the situation. Of course, you might not understand why your dog is fearful of the vet, but you still should try to take care of it.

Easing Your Dog’s Fears

One way that you can ease your dog’s fear is to find a new vet. Sometimes the dog and vet simply don’t get along, so finding a new vet might solve the problem. You also should attempt to desensitize your dog to the vet. First, drive your dog to the vet’s office and allow them to walk around the parking lot. Offer your dog treats, too, and praise them for walking around. Get them back in the car and drive home…don’t go inside, yet. Do this a few times until you notice that your dog is comfortable.

When comfortable, take your dog inside and do the same thing, eventually, introduce him or her to the staff…again, use praise and treats. Finally, after doing this a couple of times, make an appointment and take the dog in. They should be much more comfortable than ever before.

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