The Questions to Ask When You Need Decking Service in West Chester, PA

A deck on your home is a great place to entertain family and friends. You can enjoy the great weather and grill without filling your home with smoke. A deck is great, but it has to be designed to withstand the changing temperature and weather conditions. The greatest challenges are changes in temperature and humidity as well as the amount of moisture from snow and rain. Wood is a great choice, but it is also a porous material. Since it is porous and natural, it can decay in the presence of heat and moisture. Wood is also a preferred food for many different kinds of pests. If you have a wooden deck, you have to protect it from these dangers. However, wood is also lightweight and affordable. The alternative option is a composite deck. It is a little more expensive, but it is largely impervious to the elements. When you call a decking service expert, be sure to ask them a few questions.

Wood or Composite?

As stated earlier, wood is one of the most classic choices for decking service in West Chester, PA. Wood has been used for structures for thousand of years. Its chief drawback is that you have to make sure you finish it and keep it sealed against moisture. If you keep it sealed against danger, it will last for decades. The experts at a place such as can explain which one is right for you.

Painted or Sealed?

Painting and sealing serve similar purposes. Whether you get a wooden deck or a composite deck, you’ll need to make sure that your decking service includes maintenance tips. One of the maintenance aspects is keeping it protected from water damage. You can seal it or paint it, or both. A seal preserves the original look of the wood, and paint allows you to change its appearance as well, so the benefits are similar.

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