3 Reasons to Add Rustic French Doors to Your Home

They say the right door can do a lot to improve your home. If you’ve been having problems with your bill or just want to give your home an inexpensive makeover, you might want to consider tossing a few of your interior doors and installing new rustic French doors instead. Here’s why:

Lower energy bills

If you’ve been seeing your home energy bills spike and you know your windows aren’t to blame—nor are there any leaks in your roof—to justify the increase in your bill, then your doors might be the likely culprit. Wood warps over time. That means it expands and then contracts right back. And when it does, the wood will no longer fit quite in the same way into the frame. That creates air leaks around your door. By installing new ones, you get to make your home energy efficient once more, the Old House says.

Brighter rooms

One of the best parts of rustic french doors is that the design allows for a lot of natural light to pass through the door. If you’re tired of dark, dreary rooms and want to bring in lots of light into your private space, then this makes for an excellent choice.

Elegance and style

These doors are a great fit for log homes and contemporary ones. So whether you’re going for a traditional look or a modern one, these doors won’t have a problem fitting in. And if your home looks a bit out of date or lacks style, adding these doors will instantly give your home a stylish rustic makeover, one rendered at a remarkably low cost.

So if you’re looking for a way to improve the energy efficiency and insulation of your home or looking forward to making stylistic additions, then buying and installing these new doors is a good way to achieve those home improvement goals.

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