The Importance Of High Purity Metals

In any type of application where precise qualities and exact combinations of elements or alloys is required, starting with high purity metals is going to be an essential factor. Anything less will result in end products, including thin films and coatings, which may contain contaminants and other materials that can adversely impact the performance of the coating.

It is important to realize that as naturally occurring components of the earth’s surface, it is impossible, at least in substantive amounts, to produce 100% pure metals. To lab are able to produce 99.999% pure metals, with some having this as a minimum purity percentage.

What to Consider

It is possible to choose from high purity metals with different levels or percentages of the specific metal. This different range of options in the percentage will impact the price and also the specifics of the properties required of the thin film or coating. In many circumstances the need for purity is not as critical, allowing a company to select lower cost option for using a 99.95% pure alternative while still obtaining the properties required for the specific application.

By working with a company that is experienced in producing and working with these metals, it is possible to choose the option that is more cost effective without limiting any of the properties and requirements for the part or component.

Custom Alloys

If your application requires the formulation of a custom alloy, working with high purity metals for the alloying process will be essential. This is particularly important for use in specific areas such as medical or dental implants, devices and equipment.

In any application where traceability and verification will be required, using a reputable supplier of custom alloys that starts with the desired percentage of purity in the precious metals and alloys is also an essential consideration. Companies with experience in these fields will have the expertise to ensure the work they do to the specifications required.

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