Why Choose Knotty Alder Doors?

For both the interior and the exterior of a home or log cabin, it is hard to beat the look of natural wood. Within different species of wood used for doors and other types of design elements in a home, knotty alder is one of the most popular.

Alder is a species of wood that is found in many areas of the world, specifically those in a northern temperature zone. This means this is a species of trees that are found and grown in the United States, which makes it a popular option throughout the country and particularly in the mid to northern states. Knotty alder, with its distinctive and unique knots and whorls in the grain, is often used for doors, flooring, cabinets and in wood furniture.

The Look

The look of unfinished or natural knotty alder doors is a light colored wood with a fine grain and random large to small knots. These knots are typically round to oval, but they can be irregularly shaped as well.

Different boards and different trees used to create the doors will offer a higher or lower number of knots in the design. Additionally, there can be slight color variations in both the knots and boards when left natural.

Options to Consider

The natural look of the wood makes it possible to choose solid knotty alder doors that are still unique and have their own character. Additionally, glass can be added to the top half or third of the door, or even multiple lites added to create a craftsman style of door.

The rustic knotty alder doors often feature the traditional clavos or iron nail heads in the design and may be paired with a speakeasy and iron grille design. Hardware for these doors can range from rustic iron handles to classic exterior or interior door knobs to suit the style and design elements of the home.

Durable, beautiful and a lifetime investment, these are a great option as a door for any home.

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