How to Get Motivated

We have talked about what to do to stay motivated if you have a goal in mind that you are determined to accomplish. It is definitely easier to maintain your motivation than it is to sell yourself on a new goal. If you are really lacking motivation you may benefit from seeing a top American keynote speaker, but for now, try these ideas for getting yourself motivated.

Nothing is Pointless

Maybe you have found something new you want to try, but you don’t really have the drive. It seems interesting, but is it really worth the effort? If it is a way to better yourself then nothing is ever pointless. Are you going to get rich because you learned to play the piano? Chances are no, no you won’t, but you will get an enormous sense of accomplishment. This is true no matter what hobby or skill you choose to take up. Yes, chances are you don’t have to learn a new skill, but when has it ever been a bad idea to?

Watch Videos for Motivation

This doesn’t mean watching motivational speaker videos or TED Talks, though these are great resources as well. Instead, consider instructional videos and videos of people’s creations. If these people can learn then so can you. You may have to work hard to reach the level they are at, but you should be able to visualize your goals and watching videos online is a great way to do this. Chances are that whatever you are hoping to learn someone else is an expert at and has videos showing exactly how to do what they do and how to learn the process. Some of these people even go so far as to make instructional videos themselves, so next time you need a little motivation to get your started check online for videos relevant to your emerging passion.

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