Gender Reassignment Male To Female

Gender Reassignment Male To Female

Gender reassignment from male to female is a big step in transforming your body and getting it to look the way that you feel inside. We are the world’s top providers for surgeries that make the male body look feminine. Some of the surgeries that we perform include facial feminization surgery, orchiectomy, breast augmentation, body feminization and genital reconfirmation surgery.

The process of having one of these surgeries completed is straightforward. We work with the doctor who is providing your hormone treatments. We also work with your mental health care provider in order to ensure that you are ready for permanent changes to the way that your body looks. Next, we perform some tests in order to make sure that you are physically ready and healthy enough to have these procedures. While some of the gender reassignment procedures are minor and have a short recovery, some of them are major surgeries with a recovery period of four to six weeks.

When you meet with us, we take the time to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Many of our patients have multiple procedures in a specific sequence, with genital reconfirmation surgery as the last procedure. We let you know what to expect for the preparation, procedure and aftercare so that you can have the best possible outcome from your care.

When you are considering gender reassignment from male to female, contact us at the International Center for Transgender Care. Our physicians look forward to meeting with you. We’re happy to discuss your pathway to surgical changes that will make your body look more feminine. Give us a call today in order to schedule a consultation. You may also visit us

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