Why You Shouldn’t Say What You Think on A First Date

You have probably been in many situations during your life when you have thought what you want to say, but know it is not the right time. You may not wish to correct your elderly grandmother when she tells you about an event that occurred 50 years ago, just as you may choose not to mention why you got fired during the next interview. For the same reason, as you meet people on dating sites for singles in St Paul, there are things you might think during the first date, but may be better off keeping those thoughts to yourself or until you get to know the person better.

A First Date Is an Interview

Although your professional, executive dating site has arranged a meeting for you, which is why you chose them among the dating sites for singles in St Paul, the first date and perhaps the next few are almost like interviews. You want to impress, while at the same time, you want to find out as much about the other individual as you can, without becoming overenthusiastic and doing all the talking.

A good potential partner is someone that can talk about a range of subjects, but is equally fascinating when they are properly listening.

Keeping away from politics can be important because it can be an extremely difficult subject to agree on. Sometimes, you may be perfectly happy for your future partner to have different voting politics to yourself, but for other people this is an area in which you must agree. This could be a deal breaker if discussed on the first date.

Do Not Belittle the Date

Where your date has chosen someplace you are to meet, you should not be negative about the setting, because you have agreed to meet there, even if it is not your favorite choice of location, food or quality of service. You had the opportunity to refuse the selection earlier, so rather than upset your potential partner at this stage, it is better to go with the flow.

Letting your date know you are still searching through dating sites for singles may be honest, but saying that you have put your membership on hold, temporarily, may give the impression that your dating service has found a match that you are prepared to explore for now.

Be prepared to pay for at least your share of the date, even if this is not required. Unless you make it clear that you are completely out of funds, you should not have agreed to the date, expecting your potential new partner to pay.

As you arrive, it is best not to give an indication that you are only allowing a short period for the date, because this gives the impression that the interview is going to be over quickly and you would rather be home, watching television. One of the best tips for those early dates is to think before you speak or you will continue to make use of dating sites for singles soon after.

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