Occupational Medicine In Cincinnati OH Can Help To Keep Employees Healthy

Occupational Medicine In Cincinnati OH Can Help To Keep Employees Healthy

Employers don’t want to repeatedly see employees calling off from work due to illness. Ill employees can cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH can help to keep employees healthy and happy. An employee that has to miss work because of hospital backlog can be avoided with occupational medicine that is delivered by a reliable company. The employee won’t have to wait for hours behind other individuals that are in a hospital. Corporate flu shots can be given to employees on the company’s premises and eliminate employees locating the closest flu shot location.

If a company requires drug screenings for their employees, they should choose a reliable urgent care to perform the test. When an employee is injured on the job, accurate testing for drugs or alcohol in the system is important. A Human Resources department is unable to monitor the health and welfare of employees that have been injured on the job. A facility that’s equipped in performing Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH can treat many workers. They will follow the employee through the course of their treatment and monitor the employee’s progress. They can help to determine when the employee is able to return to work on regular or light duty.

When employees require basic tests such as an EKG, physical exam, urine, blood or TB test, an established medical facility can perform the tests they need. This can eliminate time away from work. Vision screenings are important to have performed on employees so they can reduce downtime from headaches, eye strain and other conditions that can develop. DOT physicals require vision screening, and drugs screening of all drivers that require a commercial license. Trusting a facility that will report the results to a company in a timely manner is important for employee and company safety.

If your company requires a reputable and trustworthy medical organization to perform feel free to Click here. You will find all of the medical services your organization needs at one location. Physicals, urine or blood tests, and monitoring or worker’s compensation claims can be performed at one location.

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