Why you Should Buy Portable Mini Fans

Why you Should Buy Portable Mini Fans

Whether you are at an amusement park, the beach, or anywhere else, you will usually see someone with a small portable fan. The prospect of owning this may intrigue you, but you may not be too sure about it, so you won’t give it another thought. With that said, if you are wondering why you should buy mini fans, here is a short list of the reasons why.

#1. Makes having a dog in the car much safer

We all love taking our dog out for a car ride, but the thing about that is that leaving them in the car (which you may have to do) isn’t the safest thing. This is particularly true on summer days, where the sun will be beating down on the car, and the poor pup inside. Luckily, having a portable fan will make sure your dog doesn’t have to deal with the steaming hot sun alone.

#2. Makes exercise more fun

Do you know what’s fun? Exercise. Do you know what isn’t fun? Intense heat getting in the way of said exercise. Sure, you can get a good breeze while jogging, but that doesn’t really help most of the time, at least not the way it should. However, a portable fan reliably blowing a steady stream of crisp, non-humid, cool air into your face? Now that’s a good breeze. This ensures that you’ll exercise for even longer because you won’t be as beaten down by the sun.

#3. Makes babies happier on trips

There are quite a few reasons why babies are likely to cry while at amusement parks. Chief among them is the heat. It’s hot, there’s very little shade (especially if you’re in a long line), and the gravel underneath means it rarely lets up. Portable fans fix this, by just clipping one onto your baby stroller, they now have a gentle breeze keeping them nice and cool while on their family trip. Decreasing the number of tantrums exponentially. You can thank us later.

Yes, there are many different things you can do with your portable fan, and these are but a quick look into some of their many uses. If this article has peaked your interest and you would like to purchase one of your own, contact Cool on the Go, for your very own portable fan.

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