Choosing the Right Portable Stage

Choosing the Right Portable Stage

There is any number of reasons you might be looking for a portable stage rental. It could be for a school play, talent show, concert, graduation, fundraiser or pageant. It might be indoors in the dead of winter or outdoors in the summer sun. No matter what it’s for, there is be plenty to consider.


How is your portable stage rental going to be used? Perhaps it will seat a small panel, in which case it doesn’t need to be too large. Maybe will there be two dozen children running across it as they put on their end-of-the-year performance? Renting too small of a stage will make the proceedings uncomfortably cramped, while getting one too big can diminish the performers. In addition to size, weight is another important consideration. Some of the factors that can contribute to weight include PA systems, set decorations, tables, chairs and the individuals who will spend time on the stage. It’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Options and Accessories

A stage is no use if nobody can get on it. You might need to add stairs or even a ramp or lift to make it wheelchair accessible. A handrail might be a good idea for extra safety, as well as a guardrail for the back or sides of the stage. Depending on the event, you might want to consider changing the color. Black is usually the default, but a fashion or awards show might demand something more festive. Canopies are also a common accessory. Nobody wants their hard work to go to waste because of a rainy day.

After deciding on the specifics of your portable stage rental, find a company with plenty of qualifications and a record of safety. Nothing could ruin your future event like a faulty stage.

To learn more about portable stage rentals, go to the Gallagher Staging & Productions website or call 714-690-1559.

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