Why You Should Buy a Hand Dryer for Your Business

Energy efficient and fast, high-speed hand dryers have made many advancements in quickness and productivity over the last several years. If you’ve been hesitant to purchase one of these devices because you are afraid of how long they take per use, or how much energy they use, then you will be happy to know those fears are a thing of the past. Electric hand dryers are now the much cleaner and more efficient way to for your customers to dry their hands in the restroom.

Environmental Friendliness

Air hand dryers are beneficial to the environment because they reduce paper waste, but what about all that electricity they use to heat up and spit out all that air? The current generation of dryers is more environmentally friendly and efficient by leaps and bounds. Many models even have a feature that enables you to adjust the heating element and also the airspeed, giving you the power to control the efficiency of the device. Over time, electric dryers also save money, as they do not require refills like paper towels dispensers. For a green business, the best decision is to buy a hand dryer rather than an old fashioned paper towel dispenser.

Speed up Restroom Lines

In a business of any size, restroom lines can get backed up with people waiting to wash and dry their hands. These hygienic dryers reduce the wait time of bathroom lines, especially when set on high speeds. This will keep people moving in and out of the bathroom area at a much greater speed. No one wants to spend time in a crowded bathroom, and you don’t want that to be what people remember about your business.

Low Energy and Low Noise

Aside from overall efficiency, many low energy dryer options exist to enable you to keep your electric bills down even more.  Some use as little as 1,000 watts to fully dry hands. It is worth noting that the lower energy models take longer to work (up to 30 seconds), but an entire range of power levels are available to you when you buy your hand dryer.

Buying a hand dryer can save you hundreds of dollars a year. In a highly trafficked location, you can spend up to $100 a year on an electric hand dryer, but as much as $900 on paper towels alone.  A savvy way to cut costs in your business is to buy a hand dryer.

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