Landscaping Services in New Canaan CT for Emphasizing Native Wildflowers and Other Plants

Landscaping Services in New Canaan CT for Emphasizing Native Wildflowers and Other Plants

The concept of “wildscaping,” or converting part of a yard to a more natural environment, is increasingly appealing to residential property owners. Native wildflowers and grasses attract more birds and butterflies and add gorgeous arrays of color to a yard. Landscaping Services in New Canaan CT can help homeowners create a property that features both wild areas along with more manicured places for a combination of effects that is truly lovely. They design by keeping the blend of colors, textures and shapes in mind.

Birds will come to a yard that has non-native plants producing food for them as well, but for wildscaping, purists like to stick with plants that originally grew in Connecticut. Interestingly, insects that eat greenery tend to avoid non-native plants, which is a primary reason that many property owners prefer these species. However, with an abundance of birds in and around the yard, annoying insects shouldn’t be as much of a problem since birds will eat them. Property owners might consider having Landscaping Services in New Canaan CT set up birdhouses, feeders, and water features to encourage these feathered creatures to take up residence and frequent the property.

Adding a bat house or two is another way to reduce the bothersome insect population and to provide habitat for these threatened critters. It should be noted that colorful wildflowers in a yard also attract honeybees and other bees to acquire nectar from blooming flowers. This is a particularly desirable effect in an era when the honeybee population has decreased dramatically. These beneficial insects are critical for pollination, as other insects simply cannot complete enough of this activity to allow food-bearing plants to grow.

If a property has been infested with unwanted non-native species, such as thistles and purple loosestrife, those tenacious plants can be very difficult to eradicate without professional assistance. They tend to lack natural enemies in a foreign environment and thus can flourish uninterrupted, crowding out the plants that should be there. An organization such as Giglio Landscaping Services helps homeowners tackle these invasive species and get rid of them for good. Then the native plants are better able to thrive in their own original environment.

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