Event Catering for a Casual Lunch at One of the Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne IN

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Accountants, Business

When an organization rents one of the Banquet Halls in Fort Wayne IN to hold a workshop or seminar, the people in charge may want to provide a casual lunch for all the attendees. It may be important to keep costs down and not get too elaborate with the choices. A couple of suitable options include cold sub sandwiches and hot pizza; caterers can also provide both choices.

Sub sandwiches and pizza provided by caterers at one of the banquet halls in Fort Wayne IN will be made up ahead of time, labeled and set on platters so attendees can choose what they want. It’s good to offer at least somewhat of a variety to make sure the guests feel satisfied with their lunch. Different subs could include some of the more basic and popular components such as cold meat, iceberg lettuce, and sliced tomatoes. The caterers might offer some large pizzas with sausage and mushrooms, pepperoni and black olives, and grilled chicken.

When the event planners send invitations or create their online registration system, they’ll want to ask whether attendees have any dietary restrictions. It’s possible that one or more vegetarians want to attend, for example. Offering a certain number of vegetarian sub sandwiches and one vegetarian pizza, and clearly labeling them at the lunch, can solve this potential problem. It’s best to provide more of these foods than might be considered necessary since there’s always the chance somebody else at the event will have a fondness for a cheese sub or a garden pizza.

A big vegetable platter is an added lunch feature that guests will appreciate. This does not add an excessive cost to the lunch price amount and gives everyone something fresh and crunchy to munch on with their main meal.

The chefs at a facility such as Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center are happy to create a casual lunch with these kinds of foods. They’re experts at making tasty meals that fit within an organization’s budget. People who are beginning to plan an event that calls for a big group lunch may want to view the menu and other information at the website Classiccafeinc.com.

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