Why Felony Charges Require the Assistance of a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Law Services

Hiring a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer is the first step anyone charged with a felony should take. Their advice and representation are every defendant’s best chance for a positive outcome. It is important for everyone facing these types of charges to realize that a case is being made against them from the moment the police are called. Attempting to navigate the legal system alone can lead to many unfortunate consequences, including unintended confessions or providing more information than necessary.

A criminal defense attorney protects their clients against these potentially damaging incidents. They become involved immediately after they have been retained and can assist in many ways. The first step will be to make certain there is cause for their client to be held. They are sometimes able to have the charges dropped immediately. When that is not possible, they work to reduce the amount of bail required so their client can be free while they wait for their trial.

Prior to stepping into a courtroom, a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer will interview their client for the full story. They will meet with any witnesses and seek out any additional information or proof regarding the case. When they feel they have all of the information, they will make a decision about whether to accept a plea deal or request a deal or whether or to have the case heard in court. These decisions are always the final responsibility of the defendant, but the lawyer will advise them on what they think is the best choice.

If the case does finally make it to court, a Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer will be able to present a professional and orderly case. They provide information to their clients and their witnesses about proper demeanor, appropriate clothing and how to respond correctly to questioning from them or the prosecutor.

A privately hired Montgomery County Criminal Lawyer will have the time to prepare a complete defense than a court-appointed public defender. Even though these lawyers are skilled and experienced, they are also often overbooked and unable to give the attention they need to each client. A private attorney will dedicate the time that is required to represent the case effectively. They have a full staff of professionals available to assist and to answer any questions from the defendant or their immediate family.

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