How Do Otolaryngologists Keep People Healthy?

Otolaryngologists, also called ear nose and throat doctors, care for their patients in many ways. These doctors are trained to treat disorders of the ears, nose and throat and perform surgical procedures on these areas. They are able to diagnose and treat a variety of diseases and structural malformations, so a person’s health is protected or improved. Through this information, people can learn more about ENTs (ear, nose and throat) so they can make an informed decision on their care.

ENTs treat three main areas of the body:

  • Ears. These doctors treat all types of disorders with the ears including hearing loss, tinnitus, ear infections, congenital defects, nerve pain and balance problems. They diagnose and treat disorders of the outer and inner ear. ENTs also perform surgery on the ears to correct defects, improve hearing, and stop chronic ear infections. They can also treat hearing disorders through implants or other hearing devices.
  • Nose. ENTs treat a variety of conditions involving the nose. Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis are two of the most common reasons people see an ENT. These doctors also treat issues that affect proper breathing such as congenital malformations involving the septum. ENTs perform diagnostic testing, treatments and surgery to improve the function of the nose.
  • Throat. The throat can be the cause of swallowing problems, airway obstruction, and infections. These doctors are often seen when a person begins to develop chronic strep throat, swollen tonsils, voice issues and swallowing difficulty. Diagnosis, treatment and surgery are all performed on this area of the body.

Otolaryngologists are also trained to diagnose and treat disorders of the head and neck. They can treat facial trauma, problems with the five senses, and cancerous or benign tumors. These doctors also perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgery on the head and neck.

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