Why Choose Veneers in Salem OR?

Placing veneers in Salem OR is the technique of choice for solving aesthetic problems of a healthy or almost healthy smile. The installation of dental veneers allows for the enhancement of your smile. This is a simple, but very effective method to hide imperfections. When your teeth are damaged, stained or misaligned, dental veneers can transform your smile in just two sessions.

The preparation of ceramic veneers is made in a laboratory. Ceramic veneers are made of several layers of veneering material which, for the most part, is very difficult to achieve (half a millimeter of very thin film). They replace the outer enamel of anterior teeth for cosmetic reasons or to remove an unsightly or demineralized enamel. There are two techniques for producing ceramic veneers in Salem OR if the teeth are completely healthy or already somewhat damaged by tooth decay:

Ceramic veneers without tooth preparation

Veneers are bonded to the outer surface of the anterior teeth enamel directly without tooth preparation. These ceramic veneers in Salem OR are a true revolution that will allow you to find the perfect dental aesthetics for you. Their uses are many and they are particularly recommended in the case of very strong staining that is resistant to bleaching.

Their characteristics are:

  • Their finesse: as fine a rigid contact lens
  • Production: no tooth preparation
  • The simplicity and speed: in just two sessions; painless treatment; no preparation of the tooth so no temporary prosthesis is needed.

Ceramic veneers with tooth preparation.

The minimum grinding of enamel allows for no extra veneer thickness. Once the tooth is prepared, the dental veneer is applied and adhered. Veneers are a thin shell of the shape and color of the ideal tooth, in which biocompatible material is used for the reflection of natural light. The result is hidden and sustainable over several years.

Laying ceramic veneers

A ceramic thin film, which mimics the tooth enamel, is bonded on the visible outer surfaces of the teeth. This treatment requires a limited view, no grinding of the teeth, and is used only for natural teeth (that is to say, not decayed). For more information about veneers in Salem OR, contact your local dentist.

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