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by | Dec 24, 2014 | Dentist

To have a beautiful smile, it is important all of your teeth are healthy. Unfortunately, issues can arise that may cause you to lose some of your teeth. This can happen because of injury, cavities or gum disease. Those who are missing some of their teeth often feel self-conscious about their appearance. This is because society places such a strong emphasis on having a pleasing smile. If you are tired of dealing with the embarrassment of having missing teeth, you need to learn more about the Implant Dentistry Services in St George UT. Through these services, your missing teeth can be permanently replaced.

To receive implants, you will first need to seek your dentist about Implant Dentistry Services in St George UT. To make sure you are a good candidate, the dentist will want to fully examine your mouth and check for any oral health concerns. Once you have been cleared for receiving implants, your first procedure will be scheduled.

There are two main parts to getting dental implants. The first part requires oral surgery. This surgery is the most important part because it places the anchors that will be responsible for holding your artificial teeth. These anchors must be firmly seated in your socket and down in the jawbone. This is possible because of the material the anchors are made of.

Titanium is a metal that can bond with bone tissue. Your anchors are made of titanium for this reason. Once they are in place, they become one with the bone so they will be able to secure your new teeth in place.

The entire process can take up to six months to accomplish. Most of the time will be spent on making sure the bonding process has become complete. Once it is finished, your new teeth can be put in place.

If you are ready to have your smile fully restored with dental implants, Click here to learn more. With dental implants in place, you will no longer have to feel ashamed of the appearance of your smile. You will also have your full function restored so you can eat the foods you love.

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