Why Add Guards to Gutter Installation in Olympia WA?

New Gutter Installation in Olympia Wa is the perfect opportunity to include gutter guards to the process. Guards prolong the life of the gutter system, drastically reduce maintenance needs, and eliminate clogs and nests that can cause damage. There are several types of guards, but the most cost-effective and easiest to have installed are the standard mesh ones. They are weather and pest resistant, keep out leaves and debris, and maintain an unobstructed water flow. If new gutters are not needed, guards can be fitted to existing gutters.

The gutters of a building protect it in many ways besides just directing the water off the roof. They prevent water from seeping into the siding, attic, and windows. Dripping water can collect in small crevices and freeze. That process results in expanding materials and larger spaces between the interior beams and structure and the protective layer of the exterior. Drafts decrease energy-efficiency, pests and wildlife can infiltrate the building, and rotting can make the building unstable. The downspouts direct water away from the landscaping and foundation. If water puddles against the foundation, cracks can form and damage the strength of the concrete. Soil erosion is also a problem as water washes away top layers of the ground.

Clogged gutters can also result in the system being weighed down or bent. That can result in the gutters separating from the building, becoming unsafe. When adding guards to Gutter Installation in Olympia Wa, water is allowed to flow freely off the roof and away from the structure, including the foundation. They also eliminate the need to climb a ladder to remove debris from the gutters after storms, when the leaves fall off the trees, or to remove clumps of ice and snow. The mesh prevents anything from settling into the gutters, so cleaning them out is not necessary. The cost of gutter guards are low and provide a high return on the investment. Annual maintenance consists of a visual inspection while having the roof inspected. Damage is less likely so gutters will last longer than they would without guards. Gutters are essential to the protection of the building and the safety of occupants, so adding to the strength and integrity of the system is wise.

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