Don’t Neglect A Home’s Gutters in Bremerton WA

Roofs and gutters are often neglected by homeowners who then bemoan the fact that the roof is leaking and there are leaks in the basement or crawl space. It is easy to ignore two important features of the home when they are above eye level and are meant to last a decade or so. But failing to maintain these two features of any home can lead to roof failure and stained, damaged siding and foundation walls. Gutters in Bremerton WA must be maintained.

The Roof

The roof of any home is the first thing rain, snow, wind, or hail hits. It protects the home from outside elements and prevents water damage inside the home. But, if the roof is damaged and not repaired, it can develop water leaks. If the home’s gutter system is allowed to fill with leaves and other debris, it can allow water and snow and ice to collect under the edges of the roof nearest the gutters causing serious damage. Gutters must be cleaned out regularly to protect the roof.

The Foundation

When there are no gutters or the gutter system is broken and not functioning properly to guide water away from the house, the water will collect next to the foundation and exert pressure that can cause cracks and water leaks into basements or crawl spaces. A damaged foundation can cause structural problems in the house. A crawl space full of water can lead to rotted floor supports, mold, as well as pests invading and insect damage.

The Gutter System

Every house needs a gutter system in good operating order. The gutter system must have drainage pipes at each end to direct the runoff from storms down and away from the foundation into a water collection barrel or away from the house. Gutter runs that are damaged should be repaired. Old, compromised gutter systems should be replaced by companies specializing in Gutters in Bremerton WA.

The new gutter systems are more effective and lower maintenance. They have screens so leaves and other debris do not collect in them. The downspouts are better engineered and more durable. The runs of gutter are less likely to develop holes and cracks. Go to the website for more helpful information.

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