Resurfacing An Asphalt Driveway And Installations And Repairs Provided By A Driveway Service In Branford CT

Resurfacing an asphalt driveway will add beauty to a homeowner’s property and will make it convenient to enter or exit property while driving a vehicle. The following steps describe how to clean, repair and seal pavement to perform this upgrade. Products needed to complete a repair or advice concerning a paving project can be acquired by contacting a driveway service in Branford, CT.


• vinyl cloths

• push broom

• detergent

• bleach

• water hose

• garden sprayer

• large sponge

• scrub brush

• pavement patch

• narrow trowel

• tamping tool

• pavement sealer

• paint roller and handle

• paint tray

Cleaning And Repairing Pavement

Vinyl cloths need to be laid across property that adjoins a driveway. A push broom can be used to collect loose debris on a driveway’s surface. A garden sprayer’s reservoir should be filled with water. Detergent and bleach can be added to water to create a cleaning agent. After spraying a driveway’s surface, a large sponge or scrub brush can be used to loosen dirt from asphalt. A hose needs to be used to spray water across clean asphalt. If asphalt is cracked or if small holes are located across portions of a driveway, a narrow trowel can be used to fill damaged areas with pavement patch. A tamping tool may be needed to compress patch.

Adding Sealer To A Driveway’s Surface

When patch has hardened, pavement sealer can be poured into a paint tray. Sealer will provide a driveway with a smooth surface. It will also protect pavement from heat and moisture. A paint roller that has a thick cotton or wool nap should be secured to a long handle. A tray filled with sealer needs to be set on top of one of the vinyl cloths so that the contents in the tray do not accidentally spill while sealing a driveway. After coating a paint roller with sealer, a roller should be moved over a driveway’s surface

To provide pavement with even coverage, a roller should be moved in straight lines from one end of a driveway to the opposite end. Sealer may not dry for a day or two. While waiting for sealer to dry, a sign can be set up near each end of a driveway to prevent anyone from walking on the pavement’s surface.

Atwater Paving or another driveway service in Branford, CT can be contacted if pavement needs to be installed, repaired or maintained.

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