Who is a Candidate for Rf Ablasion Mustang for Arthritis?

Who is a Candidate for Rf Ablasion Mustang for Arthritis?

As a person ages, their joints will break down and the cartilage will wear thin. The fluids that will lubricate the joints will also be decreased. This can result in arthritis pain and significant swelling in the joints. The nerves that are exiting the spinal cord can become constrained and pinched when arthritis begins to affect the vertebrae. There are treatment options available beyond what is offered by lotions and pills.

Understanding Radiofrequency Ablation

Rf Ablasion Mustang is a procedure used to reduce the pain and discomfort created by arthritis. Prior to the procedure, the patient is given a mild type of sedative and anesthetic. The procedure will take place while the person is awake, but they will not feel any pain.

During the Rf Ablasion Mustang treatment, the doctor will place a small probe into the patient’s back. They will then use an x-ray device to guide the probe to the area of concern. Once in place, the probe will create an electrical current that will send radio waves into the actual nerve tissue. The waves will heat up the small segments of the nerves affected to help and block the pain signals.

Symptoms Treated

Rf Ablasion Mustang is used to treat a number of conditions, including lower back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain, damage resulting from whiplash and pain from surgery. This treatment has also been used for issues with cancer and heart rhythm issues, as well.

Length of the Pain Relief

The amount of time the person receives this relief will vary from person to person. It is typically based on two different factors, including the portion of the body treated and the initial cause of the pain and discomfort. After the treatment, a patient will likely experience pain relief for a period of several weeks to a month.

Longevity Joint Spine Pain offers additional information about this type of treatment and who is a good candidate for it. Take the time to speak with a doctor in order to ensure this treatment is right for the pain being experienced. Being informed will help ensure the right decision is made in regard to treatment.

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