When to Contact a Dental Malpractice Law Attorney in Pontiac, MI

Individuals need to contact a Dental Malpractice Law Attorney in Pontiac MI when they have been injured through the actions of a dental professional. An injury may come about as a result of a dental professional failing to or wait to diagnose a disease or condition, bringing about an injury in the course of a dental procedure or not taking the steps necessary to treat a problem. This dental professional may be a general dentist, a periodontist, an oral surgeon, an endodontist or someone else in the field.

The attorney reviews the dental records of his or her client to determine if the injury occurred as a result of an error on the part of the professional, if a procedure was carried out improperly or if it was the result of a poor outcome. Most procedures come with risks; the injuries must be directly attributed to the actions of the dental professional. Furthermore, they must be severe. Thus a person cannot file a lawsuit simply because they experienced some pain following a procedure of this type.

A dental professional may be sued if a person is injured as their wisdom teeth are extracted, if proper procedure wasn’t followed during a root canal or if the professional fails to diagnose the person with tongue or oral cancer after an examination. These are only a few of the types of dental malpractice. The injury may come in many forms also. Some people end up losing one or more teeth; others find they have suffered an injury to the facial nerves, and another person may develop an infection with long-term consequences. As with the types of suits, there are many types of injuries.

Time is of the essence when a person suffers an injury at the hands of a dental professional. The state allows a suit to be filed within two years of the injury. There are a few exceptions, but people need to seek legal advice immediately to protect their rights.

Contact us if you find you are in need of a Dental Malpractice Law Attorney in Pontiac MI. We will be happy to review your case and determine what action needs to be taken. Our goal is to ensure the rights of our client are protected, and they receive any compensation they deserve. A person should not have to suffer in silence. We are here to help, so no person has to.

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