Residential Roof Repair in Wauwatosa WI Keeps Out Raccoons

Residential Roof Repair in Wauwatosa WI Keeps Out Raccoons

Houses make wonderful homes for people and their pets. However, they also make great homes for wildlife like raccoons. These clever creatures constantly search houses for weak spots where they can damage further with their powerful claws and teeth to gain entry into attics and crawlspaces. Residential roof repair in Wauwatosa, WI makes sure there are no weak spots for raccoons to exploit.

Why Raccoons Make Bad Lodgers

There are four main reasons why homeowners never want to have raccoons staying in their attics. The damage they cause is considerable. They rip apart anything they want in order to make a sung nest -; including insulation, wires and any belongings stored in the attic or crawlspace. Their droppings are not only foul but are vectors for carrying diseases like canine distemper and giardiasis. Any parasites on the raccoons like ticks or fleas will infest the rest of the house looking for warm-blooded creatures to feed off of. And finally, even if raccoons leave a house of their own free will, they leave a hole big enough for other creatures like rats, squirrels and birds to get in and cause even more damage and droppings inside the home.

Tips for Keeping Out Raccoons

Here are some tips from the Wisconsin Humane Society for keeping critters out of attics and crawlspaces. Keep all trees and shrubs at least six feet away from the walls of a home. Trim back branches so that they are six to ten feet away from any part of the home. Raccoons can easily climb onto branches and leap onto roofs. Make sure roofs are inspected at least once a year to check for rotten roof boards, weak fascia or holes in soffit. Repair any damage immediately before wildlife figure out there is a nice hole for them to exploit. Cover over any vents with wire mesh. Get a secure chimney cap so raccoons cannot climb into the chimney.

In Summary

Residential roof repair in Wauwatosa, WI not only keeps out the weather and rain damage but also keeps out raccoons. Getting an annual roof inspection is key to keeping a safe and secure home. Contact to schedule an appointment for a roof inspection.

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