When Should You Hire A Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer In Grand Rapids, MI

In Michigan, all drivers are required to carry liability and personal injury protection insurance. As a no-fault state, this insurance coverage is required to prevent litigation unless the victim sustained severe injuries. If you were the victim of a personal injury, you should if today.

Motorcycle Accidents

Victims of motorcycle accidents more likely to sustain head trauma and severe brain injuries. These injuries could lead to coma or death. In other cases, they could lead to significant changes in the victim’s personality or limit their abilities. This could lead to permanent hospitalization or institutionalization.

Back and neck injuries could turn tragic in a motorcycle accident. These injuries could lead to paralysis based on the area in which the injury occurred. Motorcycle accidents result in a full impact for the victim as the body is protected only by a helmet in most cases.

Loss of limb is also probable in these accidents. When this occurs, the victim is considered permanently disabled. When this is the case, it is likely that the court could award a large settlement if the insurance coverage cannot provide adequate funding for medical costs. These victims may also need disability benefits based on their ability to return to work. The judge may order the driver who caused the accident to provide compensation based on the severity of their injuries. If you lost a limb in an accident, you should contact a Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI today.

Insurance Requirements and Penalties

The minimum insurance coverage amounts are $20,000 per injury with a maximum per accident of $40,000. The insurance provides $10,000 of property damage coverage. Any vehicle owners who do not acquire insurance with at least the minimum requirements are subject to penalties. The penalties for a first-offense are a fine of $200 to $500 and a possible one year jail sentence for the misdemeanor charge. The driver’s license is suspended for at least thirty days, or until they possess valid proof of insurance.

Accident victims can receive compensation for their injuries through an insurance claim or through a civil litigation case. According to personal injury laws, victims should file a claim first. In most cases, they have up to two years to file a civil case against the driver who caused their injuries. If you wish to file a claim, you should contact a Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer today.

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