Understanding Energy Ratings for Andersen Windows in Colorado Springs CO

In order to qualify for the federal tax credit for new windows, two measurements are required, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and U-factor. Just because your windows are Energy Star labeled, does not necessarily mean they are eligible for federal tax credit. The costs for a new window can run up to the thousands, inclusive of labor. It is, therefore, crucial that you know the numbers and scientific lingo on product labels you will encounter while shopping for a new window. Here is a pro-level label decoder guide; so you can be sure you are buying qualified Andersen Windows in Colorado Springs CO.

The Labels to Look For

While shopping, be on the lookout for the following labels:

* Blue and Yellow Energy Star Label -; This U.S. Department of Energy label indicates the climate zones a particular product is certified for

* National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) Label -; This white label offers raw numbers that can be checked with the Energy Star guide to understand whether the product offers superior performance

How to Get Tax Credit

For Andersen Windows in Colorado Springs CO to qualify for tax credit, they must have SHGC and U-factor measurements equal to or less than 0.3. The manufacturer should also have a signed statement that states your product complies with IRS requirements. The document is available upon purchase or through downloading it from the manufacturer’s website.

The postings made by the manufacturer on the label should not sway you. Your window’s components such as frames can affect its energy efficiency significantly. The NFRC measurements, SHGC and U-factor, take into account the entire unit and not just the window glass.

Understanding the Measurements

A typical NFRC label consists of five measures. The most significant to tax credit are SHGC and U-factor, the other three measurements offer you a guide that helps you understand how the window will perform in certain applications; such as if your window will let in enough light. The other three measurements are:

* Visible Transmittance

* Air Leakage

* Condensation Resistance

Understanding energy ratings on your cascade windows and doors will help you choose the most energy efficient options available on the market. For help on energy saving Andersen Windows in Colorado Springs CO and more, consult with the professionals at Clearview Distributors.

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