What To Expect After Trucking Accidents In College Park

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Law Services

In Maryland, commercial truck drivers must follow state and federal regulations. These regulations relate to traffic laws that reduce the potential for an accident. Drivers who failed to comply could produce a fatal accident. Local attorneys could help the victims of these Trucking Accidents in College Park seek compensation today.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration issues new safety regulations for commercial truck drivers. These regulations define how long the driver may drive during a given shift. Currently, these drivers are required take at least an eight-hour rest period between twelve-hour driving shifts. This regulation is in place to prevent the drivers from becoming involved in an accident due to sleep deprivation.

To provide evidence of compliance, the driver must enter their hours into a log book. These logs must show when they took the required rest period. The mileage for the vehicle must also be logged to enable a clear assessment of the driving schedule. Any violation of these regulations could equate to hefty fines and penalties. If non-compliance led to the accident, the driver and their employer are liable.

Proper Investigations for the Accident

Trucking Accidents in College Park require a complete investigation. Law enforcement officers won’t rule out any possibilities for the cause of the accident until the investigation is completed. This determines all factors that contributed to the outcome. Once completed, the officers generate a report of the accident.

Chemical Testing for the Driver

All commercial drivers who are involved in an accident must be chemically-tested. The insurance provider for the trucking company includes this requirement in the insurance policy terms. The driver must pass a breathalyzer and blood testing. Any evidence of alcohol or controlled substances in the driver’s system deems them liable for the total cost of the accident.

In Maryland, commercial truck drivers must follow laws that apply to the operation of these large-scale vehicles. These laws are in place to reduce the probability of an accident. However, non-compliant drivers could increase the odds of an accident based on their actions. Victims who were injured in Trucking Accidents in College Park should visit Jaklitsch Law Group for more information today.

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