What To Do Should You Start To Get Varicose Veins In Cincinnati Ohio

As with most bodily problems, the trick is to be diagnosed early and try to nip the problem in the bud. This particular condition is usually more of a cosmetic problem than a life threatening condition (unless it is accompanied by deep vein thrombosis). It usually affects the legs and is caused when the leaflet valves in the tubes that carry used blood back from the feet malfunction and allow venous blood (de-oxygenated blood) to drop back down towards the feet. This causes the vein to become enlarged and stick out from the leg’s flesh.

The Effect Is Never Pretty To Look At

Wearing thick compression stockings can push the tube back to a more normal size but it will enlarge again once the stocking is removed and, for ladies in particular, such stockings are hardly a fashion statement. Men can, of course hide them under their trouser legs; but, ladies, as a whole, prefer to be seen in dresses or skirts.

What Can Be Done About It?

Since it usually appears in the smaller superficial veins closer to the surface; a surgical procedure known as vein stripping used to be the standard treatment. This was often performed under only a local anesthetic on a day patient basis. Surgical stockings had to be worn for some time during the recovery period and patients had to avoid physical activity for quite some time.

Today, less invasive procedures have been developed that, understandably, have proved to be more popular. One of these is called foam Sclerotherapy and this involves the injection of a chemical irritant into the swollen vein that causes it to shrink. The same treatment can be applied to other blood vessel (vascular) malformations and those affecting the lymphatic system as well as for the treatment of hemorrhoids. This treatment is often carried out under an ultrasound scan so that the practitioner can better judge its accuracy.

However, if the swelling is larger, other basically out patient, non-invasive procedures might be preferable. Radiofrequency ablation whereby body tissue is removed using the heat generated by a high frequency alternating current is one such method.

Endovenous laser treatment is another and it is being used on patients whose symptoms go beyond being merely cosmetic and they have real medical needs that need addressing. This treatment is considered one of the safest and most effective currently available. For the treatment of Varicose Veins In Cincinnati, OH by endovenous laser; you would be well-advised to seek an initial consultation with the Specialists at the Anderson Cosmetic & Vein Center.

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