Does Your Home Need a Mice Exterminator in NYC?

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Home & Garden

When mice enter a house, a homeowner is often not aware until several have made a home. Mice are often so small they can hide away in places homeowners are not aware of. Often, people do not learn of their mice problems until they hear scratching noises coming from their walls. When these sounds and other signs are present, a homeowner needs to call a mice exterminator in NYC as soon as possible.

When mice are present in a home, a homeowner will notice several signs:

 *  Mice droppings are typically found in drawers, cabinets and under appliances when mice are in a home. These droppings can make people ill so they should not be touched.

 *  Torn up papers and cloth may be found when mice are making nests. They will nest inside boxes, drawers, cabinets and even in walls.

*  If a homeowner sees a mouse, this typically means there is the potential for many more in the walls. Unfortunately, mice can breed in great numbers.

*  If wiring has been chewed through or damaged in some way, it is crucial a homeowner checks their home for other signs of mice. Mice can often damage wiring within walls and cause a risk for fire.

If any of these signs is noticed, the homeowner needs to call a mice exterminator in NYC. An exterminator can come out and inspect the home for mice to first find out where they are entering. It is important these areas are sealed so the mice will not re-enter.

Mice are typically exterminated with poison or traps. The exterminator places bait trays so the poison is consumed by the mice and fed to their young. The exterminator then comes out and removes the dead mice so they do not begin to cause odors in the home.

Homeowners who are in need of extermination services can find the help they need by contacting Metro Pest Control. They are the pest professionals homeowners can rely on so their home can be free of unwanted pests. Call them today and allow them to come out and inspect your property so these pests can be removed.

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