What to Consider For New Law Enforcement Uniforms

When it comes to corporate branding, there is not a better example than the branding that has been done throughout history by law enforcement agencies. Everyone in a community instantly recognizes the uniform of a law enforcement officer, which is certainly not the case with other uniformed professionals in the area.

While law enforcement uniforms are typically fairly standard, there are new options, styles, designs and features that an existing department or agency may want to consider. By upgrading to new uniforms, you not only create a more current look, but you can also give your officers a better uniform that is more practical, comfortable and durable.


No matter what you select for new law enforcement uniforms, they need to look professional. In an emergency situation, when responding to a call or just when out and about in the community, the officers need to have uniforms that look crisp, clean and professional.

It goes without saying that police uniforms also need to look similar. Different divisions or different groups within a department may have slightly different uniforms, but they need to be readily identifiable. This is important for the community. Being able to instantly recognize a police officer is important for the safety of the officers as well as for the safety of others.

Special Features

Even if you don’t want to change the look of the law enforcement uniforms your department currently uses, upgrading to new fabrics and technology is will assist your officers in feeling more comfortable, cool and having a greater range of movement in uniform shirts and trousers.

New types of fabric are highly rip and tear resistant. They can also include moisture and stain resistant materials that ensure officers look and feel well presenting throughout their shift.

Replacement Needs

For replacement needs, taking into account the balance between comfort and durability will always be an important factor. However, this is not a one or the other type of decision with new fabrics and designs boosting the performance and durability while also not sacrificing the comfort for the officer.

When choosing an upgrade or looking for a new option in uniforms for law enforcement officers, consider the fabric, the durability and the features provided. If you haven’t upgraded in a few years, you may be surprised at the new options on the market that can really add to your uniform options.

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