What To Consider Before Choosing Trolling Motors For Sale

When searching for trolling motors for sale, there are certain factors to consider. The most significant factor is what size you need for your boat. There are two motor types, including transom-mount and bow-mounted versions. Each one works well for its purpose, but choosing between them can be tough if you don’t know enough about them.


A bow-mounted motor works well if you fish in a bow-rider or on the fore-deck of your bass boat. Many times, they are equipped with a spring-loaded mount, which allows the motor to swing away, so it doesn’t get damaged. It can also be used on small craft and light sailboats and can be utilized as a secondary engine if mounted on the transom.


The transom-mount motor uses brackets that can be adjusted to various heights and angles to ensure that the shaft is immersed in the water correctly.

Length Of Shaft

A standard length of the shaft is 42 inches, but it depends on the size of your boat and its proximity to the water. When searching for trolling motors for sale, it’s best to follow the recommended shaft length based on the mount you choose.

For example, with a bow mount, you would measure the bow of the boat to the start of the waterline. Up to 16 inches will use a shaft length of 36 inches. If the bow-to-waterline height is 16 to 22 inches, you’d choose the standard shaft length. However, if the bow-to-waterline height is 22 to 28 inches, it’s recommended to use a shaft length of between 48 and 52 inches.

With the transom mount, you’d have to have a transom-to-waterline height of 16 to 22 inches to use the recommended shaft length. Likewise, you may need a longer shaft if you’re operating in rough waters.

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