What Signs Occur When a Home Needs Replacement Windows in Louisville, KY?

Replacing the windows in a home can provide greater energy efficiency and savings in energy costs. Unfortunately, when people purchase a home they do not always know how old the windows are. This lack of information can lead to confusion when it comes to knowing when homeowners should consider Replacement Windows in Louisville KY. Even if a homeowner is not aware of the type of windows they have or their age, this information can help them to know the warning signs to look for when their windows may need to be replaced.

   *       If the windows of a home are developing condensation or ice between the double panes, it is time to have them checked. This sign often means cold air is leaking into the window panes through cracks or other damage.

   *       Homeowners may notice cold drafts when sitting near a window. If the areas near the windows in a home seem much colder than the rest of the home, the windows may need to be replaced. Drafty windows can cause higher energy costs when it comes to heating and cooling a home.

   *       When the frames of windows are cracking and rotting, a homeowner needs to call a window replacement company to help. This damage will only continue if the windows are not replaced. The damage will also result in higher energy costs.

   *       Cracked window panes can often be the result of older windows losing their strength. As the protective coatings are exposed to years of UV rays, the glass can become more vulnerable to damage. Damaged glass not only allows air from the outside to come in, it can also allow for water damage and may make it easier for thieves to enter a home.

   *       If the windows of a home are no longer operating properly, it is time to consider Replacement Windows in Louisville KY. Older windows can become impossible to shut or open properly.

Homeowners who are experiencing any of these warning signs need to be aware there is help available by contacting Affordable Exteriors. By visiting Affordableexterior.com, homeowners can learn more about the window replacement services they offer so they can make an informed decision for their home.

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