Lesser Known Electric Problems in Wichita that Your Electric Company Can Fix

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Electrician

A home is filled with electrical appliances that require wires that run throughout the walls and floors. Home owners hire electrical companies to come into the home and fix any problems related to electricity. They can fix issues with lighting that dims or fix a broken fuse box. There are also several other electric problems in Wichita that these companies can take care of that homeowners might not realize is possible.


Homeowners should have a professional electrician come into the home and do a thorough inspection once every five years. It is impossible to know what is going on with the wires throughout the home. Over time, they become weak or fragile. Common signs of electric problems in Wichita homes are dimming lights when someone turns on a vacuum or slight shocks from appliances when someone touches them. These are signs of wires not being properly grounded and risk electric shock or fire. An inspector will check out every inch of the home and describe any problems found.

Code Corrections

Every state, including Kansas, has specific electric codes that installers followed when a home was built or assembled. These codes are always being updated to include new electronics, appliances, or installation techniques. If a home is old, a professional electrician should check for code violations that can cause electric problems in Wichita. The inspector will explain which areas of the home need to be updated to fulfill the newest codes and standards. This is important for safety, but also important if planning to sell the home.

Phone Cables

When thinking of the phone or Internet, homeowners tend to call the phone company. It is sometimes a better idea to call an electrician to deal with phone or Internet wiring. Installing a phone or Internet jack, for example, requires running electricity wires through the home. A phone company installer might not have the correct electric knowledge to do the job safely and correctly. That’s when an electric company should come in instead. A professional can make sure there are no electric problems in Wichita through the phone and Internet lines.

A local electric company can do so much more for a home.

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