What Should Patients Know About Partial Dentures?

What Should Patients Know About Partial Dentures?

A partial denture can be worn when a person is missing some of their teeth. These dentures can be fixed or removable and can allow a person to regain the full use of their teeth, along with the confidence they have been missing. It is important individuals fully explore their options so they can know what to expect from the process and make a sound decision for their dental needs. With this information, individuals will know what happens when they see their dentist about Partial Dentures.

When a patient goes in for Partial Dentures, the dentist will carefully check their teeth and determine the best method of creating their denture so it will provide a firm and precise fit. These dentures feature artificial teeth that are attached to a plastic pink gum base so the denture blends in perfectly with the rest of the smile. It is crucial a proper fit is achieved so the patient will be comfortable and able to chew and speak normally.

The partial will clip in around the teeth, allowing for a firm fit. There are a few different types of clips, depending on the needs of the patient. To ensure the denture will fit snuggly, the dentist may make the decision to have crowns placed on the surrounding teeth where the denture will be placed. Crowns will allow for a more secure fit without causing any damage to the surrounding teeth.

Dentures are made in a dental laboratory precisely for the patient. The lab will use impressions and images to ensure the denture will fit perfectly with their other teeth for the most natural look possible. The dentist will ensure there is a proper fit and will instruct the patient on caring for their dentures so they can last as long as possible.

If you are tired of having gaps in your smile and are finding it difficult to chew, a partial can help. If you would like to learn more about your options for dentures, visit us. They are a dental office that provides their patients with the extensive dental care they need so their smiles can stay healthy and beautiful.

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