Four Topics To Learn During Manicuring Classes

Four Topics To Learn During Manicuring Classes

A beauty academy breaks down courses by specific lesson types. While hair design is one course, manicures and nail design is another. Manicuring Classes are necessary for anyone who wants to embark on a professional career in nail design. There are four key topics to learn during these classes.

Manicuring and Pedicuring

All of the basics of the manicuring and pedicuring need to be learned. This includes proper procedures, safety precautions, and the use of all related products. Sanitation is another major component of this subject. This includes properly cleaning utensils and using new applicators for each customer.

Artificial Nail Application

Women’s real nails are not the only things manicurists need to be able to work on. Artificial nails are a common request. A nail technician needs to be able to understand the procedures for each artificial nail type, such as gel, acrylic, or nail wraps. Safety precautions for each type will also be taught.

Nail Artistry

A number of techniques are added regularly during the latest nail trends. Manicurists need to keep up with all of these trends and be able to learn the techniques involved so customers that request them can get the nail art they desire. Learning about different materials, products, and designs is included in this course. Airbrushing is also taught, as this is a popular technique that many requests.

State Law and Procedures

People looking to become a certified nail technician can not do so until they learn the state law and procedures in their area. They then must pass a state exam that earns them a proper certification. Laws vary from state to state, so it is important to become certified in the exact state where the manicuring will be done. A practice exam will be completed during class to help students prepare.

Manicuring Classes are necessary for anyone that wants to become a nail artist. Once each of these topics is learned efficiently, and a practice exam is passed, it will then be time to take the actual state test that will offer true certification. The South Hills Beauty Academy offers a manicure and nail design course that provides all of this information and more. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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