Factors a Wrongful Death Attorney in Hollywood FL May Consider When Building a Case

Factors a Wrongful Death Attorney in Hollywood FL May Consider When Building a Case

Numerous variables affect the value of wrongful death cases, and litigants should understand these factors and their effects. If a person or their loved one is dealing with a family member’s untimely death, it is in their best interest to read this list of factors that determine a wrongful death case’s value.

Losses and Damages Suffered by the Deceased and Dependents

A Wrongful Death Attorney Hollywood FL will assign a value to a case depending partly on the number of potential claimants and the amount of damages that may be recovered. For instance, the death of a childless, single 19-year-old who is unemployed is considered differently than that of a 40-year-old working, married father of four.

The Family as Witnesses

A jury’s sympathy for a deceased victim’s family isn’t as big a factor as the family’s likability. Like everyone else, jurors have their own biases and prejudices, and a claims adjuster’s perception of these biases will also affect the value of a claim. Jurors tend to have sympathy for those they can relate to, and if the deceased’s relatives are respectable, likable, and trustworthy, the award may be higher.

The Perceived Value of the Deceased Person’s Life

Whether the victim was a decent person, or if their survivors enjoyed a close relationship, is another factor that will affect the jury’s view of the case. It’s easier to pay out for the death of a nice or ‘valuable’ person than it is to settle for the death of someone viewed negatively by others.

Available Insurance Funds

In most cases, when a defendant is a company or individual, the maximum settlement is the available amount of insurance coverage. It rarely makes sense to pursue a defendant beyond the available amount of coverage or set-aside settlement funds. Filing a lawsuit for an amount that exceeds of the coverage limit can be difficult, and results are not guaranteed.

This is a simplistic list of factors that affect a wrongful death case’s value. If someone is pursuing a claim and they have questions, a Wrongful Death Attorney Hollywood FL can provide them with more information. Browse the website for more details or call today to schedule a consultation.

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