Express Your Love with Three Stone Diamond Rings

We generally think of diamond rings as a traditional expression of love when couples become engaged, but a diamond ring is the perfect expression of love at any time. Three stone diamond rings are some of the most popular and are good for many different occasions. Consider a three diamond ring for any of these occasions:

* Engagement – Though single stone rings were considered the traditional engagement ring for years, three stone rings make a beautiful statement as an engagement ring.

* Anniversary – A new diamond ring is the perfect way to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Three stone diamonds are traditional for anniversary gifts. A ring like this is especially perfect if you are renewing your vows and want to exchange new rings at the ceremony.

* As a past, present, future gift – Even if it isn’t your anniversary, you may choose to give your love a three stone ring to symbolize your “past, present, and future” together. This is often done on the third wedding anniversary for an even more symbolic effect, but really can be done at any time. Couples often use gifts like these as a sign of recommitment after a rough patch in the marriage, too.

Choosing Your Three Stone Diamond Ring

Work with your local jeweler to choose the perfect ring. You may elect to have the ring custom made, choosing the diamonds and the setting separately, or you may choose to purchase a ring that is already made. When you choose an already set ring, you don’t have to worry about ensuring that the diamonds match in size, color and clarity, as the jeweler has already taken that step for you.

You’ll find three diamond rings in many different sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits your budget and style. Don’t forget to take your love’s other jewelry into consideration when you choose the metal and the setting for the ring. It is important that her new ring coordinate well with the other jewelry in her wardrobe. You may even consider choosing some element of the new ring to reflect an element also found in her wedding ring. This can give a nice touch and can help ensure that her jewelry wardrobe works well together.

A new diamond ring is always an exciting and appropriate gift for the love of your life. A three stone diamond ring is sure to be a gift she’ll treasure forever.

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