What Is Involved When Hiring an Accident Attorney in College Park?

What Is Involved When Hiring an Accident Attorney in College Park?

Hiring an attorney after an auto accident is often necessary to help injured individuals receive guidance while seeking compensation. One of the biggest reasons individuals hires an attorney is because they are not sure of how to overcome the insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for being unfair and will often deny claims even when they are viable. With this information, injured individuals can learn what will occur when they hire an Accident Attorney in College Park.

The first part of the process begins with a meeting between the injured party and the attorney. This consultation meeting allows the case to be discussed so the attorney can determine if the case will be able to stand up in court. An attorney will not take on a case unless they are fairly certain they will be able to win because they work on contingent contracts which means they do not get paid unless they win the case for their client.

It is important for the client to carefully review the retainer agreement before signing. This contract spells out the details of the services the attorney will provide and how much of a percentage the attorney will take if a win is obtained. Once the Accident Attorney in College Park has been retained, they will begin investigating the accident, gathering forms, interviewing, and fact gathering to ensure they have a sound case, if it heads to court.

Attempting to pursue a claim without the help of an attorney can be overly stressful for a victim. It is imperative a victim avoids these issues when attempting to settle:

• Victims should never attempt to settle unless they have completed all medical treatments and have been released by the doctor. Injury signs can sometimes arise days, weeks, or even months after an accident, so it is always wise to wait.

• It is imperative no releases are signed without careful consideration. To tempt a victim to sign, an insurance company will often mail a check in the hopes the claimant will sign away their rights.

Those who have been seriously injured in an auto accident are urged to seek the help of an Accident Attorney in College Park. Contact the Jaklitsch Law Group and allow them to help you.

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