Tips On Preventive Maintenance From Experts In Industrial Motor Service in San Antonio TX

Developing a plan for the preventive maintenance of industrial motors can be not only a money-saver but a great saver of time also. By properly maintaining the motors, any loss of productivity due to downtime from repairs is avoided. This is obviously great for the bottom line of the company. Here are a few tips from the experts in Industrial Motor Service in San Antonio TX.

*    Develop a plan that runs on a strict schedule. While large industrial motors may only need to be checked on a monthly or possibly even a quarterly schedule, smaller motors need to be checked more often. Make sure to check smaller parts even more often as they may be even more prone to wear than expected. Also, pay attention to the strain and frequency of operation that the motors endure as this may require that they undergo a more frequent maintenance schedule.

*    If at all possible, delegate the maintenance duties to those who actually run the machines that use the motors in question. Those who are most familiar with the machinery are in the best position to know when Industrial Motor Service in San Antonio TX is required.

*    A daily cleaning schedule should be adhered to so that exposure to dust, dirt, liquids, shavings, or any other foreign materials may be limited. When the motors are inundated with such objects, there is a high probability that motor malfunction is not too far away.

*    If the motors being used require any sort of ventilation, make sure that the passages that are supposed to be ventilated are not clogged in any way or manner. Ventilation filters should always be changed when signs of blockage are present.

*    It cannot be stressed enough that all power sources to the motor or machinery need to be disconnected before any type of maintenance is performed, no matter how minor it may seem. Failure to do so could result in severe injury or even death.

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