Weight Management in a Way the Body Accepts at Weight Loss Clinics in West Chester PA

Successful weight management can be an uphill battle when there are medical reasons for weight gain. As a person progresses in age, the body can lose its ability to metabolize fat. Qualified physicians at Weight Loss Clinics West Chester PA find the underlying cause of weight gain.

The Cause of Age-Related Weight Gain

Certain biological functions that aid in a healthy metabolism starts to crash after the age of thirty-five. The body persistently stays in a state of ketosis for those who are very young. This means the body produces enzymes that metabolize fat. The body doesn’t remain in a continuous state of ketosis from the thirties on up.

At a clinic like the BeBalanced Center, physicians help the body naturally burn fat through other means. A comprehensive diet plan with supplements is implemented to put hormones back into gear.

The driving force in this program at Medical Weight Loss Clinics West Chester PA is HCG supplements and B-12 vitamins. HCG is a hormone naturally present in the body at low levels. A good supply of this hormone flowing through the body makes it so fat is mobile and easier to metabolize. Extra inactive fat cells are no longer stored in the body.

B-12 vitamins help carbohydrates, and fat cells turn into fuel for the body. Without this type of supplementation, the body would continue to store excess fat.

Lab Testing to Determine Health Status

Lab testing is a very useful tool in diagnosing a person’s unique health issues. Lab testing helps a doctor determine where health needs to be improved and how it can be accomplished.

Lifestyle and genetic factors both contribute to the total health of a person. Medical professionals can better treat and prevent future health problems when they know exactly what is causing health to decline.

An imbalance in hormone levels can affect health in other areas besides weight. Lab work reveals hormone levels that are at variance and shows how well the body absorbs nutrients as well. If the body has a problem taking in nutrients, a physician can do something to help it retain nutrients more efficiently. Learn more at

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