How a San Francisco Eviction Defense Lawyer Can Help

How a San Francisco Eviction Defense Lawyer Can Help

The idea of being forced out of your home can cause a lot of stress and worry. When you get that eviction notice, you may be tempted to fight it on your own, but it’s often best to work with an experienced San Francisco eviction defense lawyer instead. These professionals can help fight against wrongful eviction and help you remain in your home.

Illegal Evictions

It is important for landlords to go through the appropriate process for evicting a tenant. This involves filing the appropriate paperwork with the court stating the reason for eviction and obtaining court approval prior to carrying it out. However, many landlords choose to perform what is known as a self-help eviction. This often includes changing the locks, cutting off utilities, removing tenant belongings or replacing doors entirely. If any of these actions are taken without the proper court process, you should consult with a San Francisco eviction defense lawyer for help.

Obtain Compensation for Damages

Once you start working with an eviction defense lawyer, you will be able to evaluate whether you are entitled to compensation for damages. First and foremost, you may qualify for statutory damages, which are typically calculated based on the number of days over which the violation occurred and may account for up to triple the damages. Actual damages may also be awarded, covering things like temporary living costs, increased rent and other costs associated with a forced move. You may also be paid for your inconvenience, as well as pain and suffering. In some situations, the landlord may be responsible for paying all court costs and attorney fees.

If you are facing an eviction, you don’t have to simply accept it, especially if the appropriate guidelines weren’t followed. Hiring an attorney can help you navigate your case for the best possible outcome.

If you need the help of a San Francisco eviction defense lawyer to handle your case, visit the Bracamontes & Vlasak website to learn more.

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