Watch Out For Scams By Used Medical Equipment Buyers

There are highly reputable used medical equipment buyers working for the top companies in the United States. These professionals are experts in the medical equipment field and understand fair pricing, the ability to resell specific models and types of equipment, as well as providing full transparency to the seller throughout the process.

Unfortunately, just as in any type of business, there are a few unscrupulous people that are not following ethical and professional guidelines. The good news is that these disreputable used medical equipment buyers are easy to spot and just a few quick questions will let you know which type of buyer you are meeting.

Payment Up Front

Reputable used medical equipment buyers will provide their clients with the full amount of the agreed upon purchase price before removing the equipment. Less reputable buyers will offer to pay a percentage, perhaps up to 50% of the agreed upon price and then pay the balance once the equipment is inspected and approved at their facility.

The result is that the equipment leaves with the seller only having 25-50% of the agreed upon price. The equipment will not pass inspection, which means the seller has to either leave it with the buyer for a fraction of the price provided or pay to have it shipped back, which could be thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Assistance as Needed

Top used medical equipment companies have networks of approved technicians and service providers that can assist in preparing the equipment for shipping. This can include cleaning and disinfecting or sterilizing if needed.

Less than reputable companies will not offer this support, leaving the seller with the task of having this done by the arranged time for pickup. Not only can this be difficult for the facility, but it may also end up costing more out of pocket.

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