Highlights Of The Applied Biosystems 3130 Genetic Analyzer

In the field of genetic analysis, one of the top pieces of equipment on the market is the Applied Biosystems 3130 genetic analyzer. While not the latest offering by Applied Biosystems, it still offers top performance for capillary electrophoresis, providing faster results and superior results.

In the past, genetic analyzers used slab-gel methods of preparing the sample. With this method, any inconsistencies in the preparation of the gel would have consequences with regards to the results. The use of capillary technology allows for the arrays to be used to hold the samples, eliminating the need to create the slab gel and the possible issues.

Top Features

The features that make the Applied Biosystems 3130 genetic analyzer a great option for any lab include the ability to use different lengths of arrays in the system. Additionally, the arrays themselves can be used for up to 150 runs, which is important in considerations of operational costs for the equipment. There is also the option to use the 96 or 384-well microtiter plates that will fit in any standard genetic analyzer.

As with the system operation, there is a host of different reagents that can be used for specific analysis processes. Different reagent kits are readily available for sequencing and fragmenting analysis, providing the lab with the kits needed for both human as well as biotechnical testing for animals.

The Applied Biosystems 3130 genetic analyzer is flexible with regards to computer system requirements and is designed for use with the Windows operating platform. It can also operate across a wide range of different environmental temperatures from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. As with all equipment, maintaining a consistent temperature during testing will be critical for accuracy of results.

One more important feature with the ABI 3130 genetic analyzer is the small footprint for any lab. It offers a right and left door and, with both doors closed, it has a width of just 74 centimeters or just over 29 inches.

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