Warning Signs You Need a Dietary Supplement in Louisville, KY

The vast majority of the country eats prepackaged foods and fast food on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the average person does not get the full nutrients their body needs for proper function and good health. With the limited diets of today, many people end up needing a Dietary Supplement in Louisville KY. It is important a person is aware of the warning signs they can experience when they are low in certain vitamins. Since some vitamin deficiencies can be life-threatening, it is crucial people stay on top of their health and have their levels checked by their doctor on a regular basis.

The warning signs of vitamin deficiencies include:

*     Leg or muscle cramps

*     Cracks at the corners of the mouth

*     Thinning hair or hair loss

*     Dry hair and skin

*     Trouble sleeping

*     Tingling in the hands, feet, arms, and legs

There are actually a myriad of signs that can be present when a person lacks key vitamins and minerals. Aside from measuring their symptoms, a medical doctor can decide what patients are lacking by performing blood tests. This is especially important to carry out when one may be low on potassium which can affect the way their heart functions.

Most people can benefit from dietary supplements even if they are not experiencing any known symptoms. The signs of dietary lack do not always sound off right away. In some cases, it can take months, and even years, of lowered levels before a person truly notices there has been a change in their health. In some cases, no outward signs are noticed at all.

It is important a person sees their doctor for yearly checkups so complete blood tests can be performed. These will help to rule out the obvious vitamin and mineral deficiencies while further testing may need to be done in people who are not exhibiting classic symptoms. If you believe you are in need of a Dietary Supplement in Louisville KY, visit  to learn more.

Contact InShapeMD and allow them to schedule a consultation appointment to improve your health and protect it. Through dietary supplements, your health can be dramatically improved, so you feel better.

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