7 Glaring Signs You Need Another Realtor

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Real Estate

Bad realtors can affect your home buying experience and turn it into a nightmare. So make sure you recognize the signs before you work with realtors who want a higher commission more than finding you a great home.

Interest Level

MoneyUSNews says interest is an important indicator. If your realtor comes across like someone who couldn’t care less about your needs, then toss him out for a better one. If he isn’t even listening to what you want and need in a home, he isn’t going to be as invested in finding the right one for you.

Schedule MisMatch

Does your realtor have flexible hours? Can he meet you on weekends? If he’s strict about not working on his weekends, and that’s the only time you’re free, it’s time to look elsewhere.

You’re Changing Locations

Maybe you changed your mind. You’d rather live in the sunny state of California now than, say, chilly Maryland. You’ll need to drop your realtor as well and find a new one. Wherever you’re moving, the ideal real estate agent will understands the area like the back of their hand. They should know about tax requirements, local issues, and the best schools in town.

Unkept Promises

Realtors who can’t keep their promises aren’t a very reliable sort. Do you really want to trust someone like that with your money and home buying choices?

Communication Issues

If the realtor doesn’t respond to your inquires, or fails to answer your question through email or chat, he’s being a bit rude. If that’s the case, then it’s better for you to part ways with that realtor so you can find someone who’s going to communicate with you much more effectively and provide you with better service.


A part-time agent might not have enough time or might take too long in providing you with the property listing you need. Hire a full-time agent instead, someone who can focus on your home buying search without being distracted by another day job.

Pressure to Buy

If you’ve got a nagging feeling that the realtor is trying to push you onto a particular house, that might be because he’s counting on a lot of extra commission on the side. Put a stop to that by firmly saying no. If he persists, then you know he doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Start looking elsewhere for help.

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