Warning Signs of Impending Heating or Air Conditioning Failure

The physical aspects of a house or building often last for years without needing work, but when the time comes, repairs are often needed quite suddenly. In some cases, this is because a part has simply broken down without warning. At other times, it may turn out that there were danger signs months or even years in advance. Most people don’t recognize these signs if they don’t already have experience, so it can seem as if there was no warning at all. Here are a couple of the key tip-offs that something is wrong with heating and cooling in Edmond:

Lack of Blower Power

If it seems like hardly any air is being blown from the vents, it’s a good sign that the furnace or air conditioner blower motor is experiencing trouble. Vintage systems often use motors and blower fans that need to be oiled, and if this maintenance is not performed, they will get slower and slower as their ability to resist friction fails. If the system is new enough to have permanent lubrication, look for a more basic cause for this problem: Foreign objects in the way of the registers or down into the system, or even more likely, a dirty air filter.

The Machine Runs Very Quietly and Sounds Really Great, but Doesn’t Actually Do Anything
This means that a belt has snapped. The motor is very quiet because there is no load for it to work against. In this case, the missing load is the fan, which is no longer belted to it. The result is a machine that sounds great, but doesn’t do anything for you. Fortunately, this is an easy fix for a professional. For a layman, it’s easy to understand, but quite a pain to implement because it involves stretching a stubborn new belt into place.

It is important to note that poor temperature control isn’t the only result of these problems with Heating And Cooling in Edmond. A weak blower will cause energy bills to spike as the machine works longer trying to get treated air into the room, and a furnace with a failed belt will quickly overheat since it can’t send the hot air anywhere. Visit Excel Mechanical Plumbing, Heating and Air or your local repair provider soon to set up an appointment to have these potentially dangerous and costly problems fixed.

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